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The result?
More dynamic, coordinated, and refined experiences that inspire trust, deliver on expectations, and create lasting value.


When creating experiences, integrating technology can be a make-or-break effort. When leveraged appropriately, technological solutions enhance the overall experience, fuel engagement, heighten product quality, and increase operating efficiencies. When used carelessly, technology over complicates an experience and distracts.


With a belief that systems and technology must create value for the mission, The Bridge Group’s cross-functional teams build customizable solutions tailored to specific experience objectives. We set milestones and markers aligned to customer expectations. We thoughtfully evaluate what different technologies, whether a 144-foot LED display or satellite feeds or audience participation platforms, contribute to an experience. And we focus on turnkey solutions that integrate hardware and software needs in simple, streamlined ways. It is purposeful, intentional work singularly focused on driving efficiencies and effectiveness. 

Our Expertise


Technology with a Purpose

  • Computer-aided Design

  • Design and Installation of Large Format Video Screens and Projection Mapping

  • Custom Audio Visual Design, Technical Process Development, and Installation

  • Registration System Design, Data Collection and Analysis

  • Attendee Tracking, Lead Capture and Matchmaking

  • Audience Participation

  • Event Apps

  • Satellite Infrastructure Development and Deployment

  • Network and Power Distribution

  • Control Room Design, Build and Outfitting

  • Information and Engineering Support, Augmentation of Existing Equipment

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