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Audiovisual Installation

LED Wall and Floor Projection Installation

United States Army

Systems Design, Equipment, LED Screen, Projection, Engineering

TBG was responsible for the design, engineering, and installation of a stadium-sized 144’ x 14’ Light-Emitting Diode (LED) wall. The wall features a 25' pull-out center section to access backstage during performances. Given the 1/8" allowance on either side of this section, we installed a finely tuned, roof-supported motorized trolley system to move the 2.5 ton section in a controlled manner, utilizing calibrated motors so all movement is synchronized.
The accompanying 50' x 28' floor projection system provides a more dynamic means of facilitating rehearsal of concept drills previously performed on vinyl maps. To tie everything together we built and outfit a control room to allow for complex operation of the video wall.  The TBG team exhibited a high level of technical expertise – providing a highly engineered steel support system and technologically advanced installation in one of Ft. Myer’s oldest and most historic buildings.
Legacy Scenic, Quince Imaging, VCB Events
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