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Museum Opening/

Video Premier (Virtual)

National Museum of the U.S. Army 

Grand Opening

United States Army

Live Event, Virtual Event, Lighting, Scenic, Video/Film, Post-production
Years in the making, the Army decided it wasn’t going to cancel the Grand Opening of its Museum due to COVID-19 restrictions, and TBG moved quickly to build a highly interactive and memorable “virtual opening”  combining a live ceremony with motion graphics and video elements.
Despite being scaled back, the virtual opening required lighting, audio, and scenic elements to support broadcast of the event.
In addition, because the audience was virtual, we had an opportunity to introduce the Museum and its exhibits to a much wider audience through video. Highlighting  the immersive aspect of the exhibits and as well as the solemn role of the U.S. Army throughout history, we told a story featuring soldiers coming alive and telling us their stories, with sound design and original soundtrack designed to emulate a live audience experience.
Atmosphere Lighting, Legacy Scenic, Magen Entertainment, Marvin Yates, Maryland Sound, SEF Technology, Sharpe Pursuits, TempPower, VCB Events
Francisco Campos-Lopez - Director/DP/Editor
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