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TBG is a full-service management firm specializing in trade shows, conferences, and events for public and private sector clients. A woman-owned 8(a) certified business, we provide strategic, integrated, and creative solutions using a collaborative approach that successfully achieves clients’ goals and objectives.

Our 25-year experience includes branding and graphic design, conference and event management, integrated marketing campaigns, operations and logistics, technical production, tradeshow management, and video production—to name a few—for government, non-profit, and corporate clients.

Let TBG help you grow your brand, your events, and your bottom line.

Live Events

In an increasingly digital world, live events leverage the power of the moment and human interaction in shared time and place to connect, inspire, and motivate.

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Technical Production

When done right, technical elements blend seamlessly together, activating the senses and ensuring a more enjoyable, lively event. When technical elements scuffle, however, the glitches produce a disjointed, awkward experience that dampens the trust and credibility you aim to build with your audience. 

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Visual Communication

You have a story to share, but it’s the distinctive, artful ways in which you communicate that tale that heighten audience engagement and sharpen alignment to your cause. Words are indeed powerful, but a story’s power intensifies and its message brightens when combined with thoughtful visual elements that provide added depth and perspective.

Example of work
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Content Generation

Content, namely quality content, drives so much of the world today. It entertains. It informs. It engages. It inspires. When crafting events, The Bridge Group places a premium on high-quality, relevant content that fills events with purpose and direction. 

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Today’s world is full of marketing chatter. Special offers, invitations, calls to action, and more blare from digital channels and traditional media alike. While easier than ever to blast your thoughts into the world, getting that message in front of the right people at the right time stands a more complex, sophisticated process.

Case Study
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Revenue Generation

Whatever your budget for a live event, funding remains essential if you aim to grow your brand, your events, and your bottom line. Yet, revenue funding requires a strategic approach throughout the planning process and one that may – and often will – require you to look beyond traditional mechanisms. 

Case Study
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Making sure that the education delivery reflects current trends in adult learning, ensuring that the technology used for presentations enhances the audience experience, creating wayfinding solutions that allow for stress-free navigation, designing food service that encourages interaction with other attendees and provides sustenance that keeps them alert.


For space.png

Understanding how visitors will interact with the space and designing technology solutions that optimize sound, visual content, comfort and interaction; providing infrastructure to ensure accessibility of rest areas



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identifying the goals of the visual content, developing story boards and mock-ups to convey ideas, creating brand guidelines for consistency, creating compelling video and graphic content that tells the story, building structural elements that allows for delivery of the story telling elements

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