Instant Value with Expedited Ordering.

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are an efficient way for federal agencies to meet anticipated, repetitive needs for services and products. BPAs are essentially “charge accounts” that ordering offices can establish with TBG. In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.404, ordering offices may establish BPAs under any GSA Schedule contract.  What are the benefits to purchasing services under a BPA?

  •  Faster Process: BPAs allow for quicker turnarounds on orders. The bid process can often be completed within 72 hours, compared to 10 days through directed contracting or 90 days through open market contracting.
  • Lower Costs: Contractual terms and conditions are contained in GSA Schedule contracts and do not need to be renegotiated for GSA Schedule BPAs. Therefore, as a purchasing option, BPAs eliminate such contracting and open market costs as the search for sources, the need to prepare solicitations, and the requirement to synopsize the acquisition.
  • Less Paperwork: Agencies simply submit a work order request and evaluate a maximum of three vendor responses before awarding a task order. Because BPAs satisfy recurring requirements, agencies can reduce administrative efforts by eliminating repetitive, individual orders and payments.
  • More Value: Agencies can obtain better value by leveraging buying power through volume purchasing. Field offices and smaller agencies can participate in the BPA and place orders directly with contractors, leveraging the benefits of volume purchasing they may not qualify for otherwise.


TBG's Current BPA:

Contract Number:  DG133013BA0006

Contract Period: Award through November 30, 2013The Department of Commerce has established a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) under the Multiple Award Schedule 541 “Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions”. The scope of this Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is to provide conference services that include all aspects of conference management, event planning, logistics, and communications including, but not limited to providing audio visual equipment and technical support, developing graphic layouts and design, and implementing exhibit services. The BPA is a vehicle that DoC can use to improve the performance, quality, timeliness, and efficiency of its conference, event and trade show programs.The Department of Commerce and its various bureaus and agencies around the United States and overseas are eligible to purchase services under the BPA. DoC’s offices, bureaus and agencies are as follows:

  •  Department of Commerce Headquarters Office
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • International Trade Administration
  • Bureau of Export Administration
  • Economic and Statistics Administration
  • Technology Administration
  • Patent and Trademark Office
  • Minority Business Development Agency
  • Economic Development Administration
  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration
  • National Institute of Science and Technology

Under this BPA, TBG will provide a full range of logistical support for the planning, conducting and closing out of scheduled conferences. Some of the services TBG provides under the BPA are:

  •  Reserving and securing conference facilities;
  • Designing, preparing, producing and duplicating conference materials;
  • Providing conference recording/transcription support;
  • Providing electronic conference registration;
  • Disseminating conference communications;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Conceptualizing, designing and producing exhibits and their accompanying graphic materials;
  • Shipping exhibit properties and/or conference materials to and from the designated site(s);
  • Facilitating payments to facilities, service providers, conference and show site organizers, including exhibit booth space, carpet and padding, show site labor, material handling fees, freight transportation, electricity and internet.