Our Urban Adventures

The TBG team is extremely diverse; each individual has their own perspective that allow us to remain nimble, innovative, and creative under all circumstances.  Each member of the TBG team shares a liddabit about themselves and their adventures here!


Color Wheel Pro says that orange represents “enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, stimulation and TBG Events”.

OK, so maybe I took some liberties with the TBG Events part…  It just seemed to fit since orange represents our brand (literally) and our team (figuratively).

There are three kinds of people in the events industry:

1) those who are great at executing logistics;

2) those who are great at “planning a party”; and

3) those who have a right/left brain balance and combine logistics and creativity in their daily work life.

I’m #3.

For me, that means that I’m not prepared for an event until I’ve researched anything and everything about the city I’m going to.  If one of the execs needs a private dinner, I’ve got a place.  If my client needs last minute gifts for VIPs or a cool vendor, I know who to call.   If I can carve out a break in my schedule to have an authentic or mind-clearing experience, I know where to go.

And now I’m sharing…

What does that have to do with Orange?  I go through life with a general fascination with people and the wonderful things they produce.  I get tremendous happiness from discovering and experiencing new things.  I’m absolutely determined to figure out a way to share good people and good things with my clients and friends.  I feel that all of this contributes to my success.

Check back a couple of times a month and add a little Orange to your life!


Cathy Arevian is Owner and Managing Director of TBG.  When not saving clients from budgets, she can be found roaming the world for exceptional food and new places.