The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) program was designed to guarantee quality performance through a process of screening and preselecting contractors for qualification to the program.  The 8(a) program allows for federal agencies to quickly and efficiently screen and select a contractor for projects and contracts that fall within that contractor’s NAICS codes and award business to them through a simplified acquisition process. To order services quickly and efficiently from TBG, follow the steps in our Sole Source Guide.

FASTER ACQUISITION TIME: Sole-sourcing a contractor through the 8(a) program takes less than 10 business days, on average. Compared to the 60-90+ day time for a traditional acquisition process, utilizing a SBA-vetted 8(a) vendor allows performance to begin on a project more quickly, saving time and resources.

QUALIFIED CONTRACTOR OF CHOICE: When sole-sourcing to an 8(a) vendor, an agency has the ability to develop a relationship with a contractor that they can trust.  Since 8(a) vendors can be sole-sourced to for multiple contracts, building a relationship allows the contractor to better service the agency.  A direct contractor relationship eliminates the need for an agency to familiarize multiple contractors with their operational goals and allows new projects to start with existing momentum each time they work with their preferred 8(a) contractor of choice.

FASTER NEGOTIATION: Agencies can quickly negotiate and award contractors when sole-sourcing through the 8(a) program. Simplified Acquisition Efforts (contracts under $150,000) do not require technical proposals, and can directly be negotiated based on a cost proposal. If the work exceeds the Simplified Acquisition Threshold, technical and cost proposals will serve as a baseline for contract negotiations.

MORE VALUE: All levels of federal agencies can sole-source through the 8(a) program. Field offices, smaller departments, and individual program coordinators all have the ability to work with their contracting officer to bring in a trusted 8(a) partner to help get the job done without the traditional barriers of expense and time associated with the full acquisition process.

To learn more about awarding 8(a) business to TBG, visit our how-to guide by clicking the link below:

Awarding 8(a) business