Utilizing the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) directed 8(a) program to contract with TBG is easy. Follow the steps below to work with TBG as a sole-sourced contractor. The entire process can usually be completed in 10 business days, on average. If you have questions about the 8(a) contracting steps below, contact Cathy Arevian, Managing Director, TBG.

Step 1: Contact TBG to discuss your project needs and establish technical requirements, timelines, and project budget.

Step 2: Contact your Agency’s Contracting Officer or Small Business Specialist and work with them to create an Agency Offering package (1AW FAR19.804-2) that includes the following: Estimated period of performance, applicable NAICS code, anticipated dollar value, etc. (TBG can work with you to prepare this package)

Step 3: The Contracting Officer will send the package from step two along with an Offering Letter to TBG’s SBA representative. The SBA will review the package and authorize negotiations for the contract.

Step 4: The Contracting Officer negotiates cost and terms of the contract with TBG after reviewing cost and technical proposals.

Step 5: Upon completion of negotiations, the Contracting Officer sends a contract award to TBG and both parties sign. A copy of the signed contract is then sent to the SBA.

Step 6: Contract performance begins.



To work with TBG on a sole source 8(a) project, contact:

Cathy Arevian
Managing Director, The Bridge Group
Voice: 703.398.1170